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FALCONS Athletics

Severna Park High School

FALCONS Athletics

Severna Park High School

Exam Upload and FAQ

FAQ & Uploading Clearance Documents to FamilyID Registration:


1.         Make sure you have a digital copy of the document available. (either a scanned copy or photo saved to your computer or Phone)

2.         Log in to your FamilyID account.

3.         On the blue bar at the top of the page, click Registrations.

4.         Click the 'Add or Update Info' link below the Summary button to the right of your registration.

5.         This will take you to the form. You can find the blue 'CHOOSE FILE' button under the Participant    Information area, then upload your file or photo.

6.         Press Continue at the bottom to save your upload and notify the school.


To read a step by step guide on uploading a document,

Click Here


If you would like to upload more than one file, follow these instructions:

•          If using a MAC: Hold down the 'Command' key and select the documents.

•          If using a PC: Hold down the 'Control' key and select the documents.



  • How can I turn in my physical exam?
    • Physical Exams may only be turned in through the FamilyID registration
  • I uploaded my documents, but my status did not change. Why?
    •  Your approval status will not change until it is reviewed by a SPHS staff member. This is completed every 72 hours. It is not an automated system. Meaning – not uploaded status will not change the instant you upload your physical exam.
  • Do I need to email staff when I change or upload my registration documents?
    • No. We are notified by FamilyID when changed are made and will review as necessary.
  • How do I know if my physical was approved?
    • You will be emailed the minute your documents are reviewed, and your status is changed. You can also log in at any time to review your status under the internal fields’ sections but please remember that status will not change until it is personally reviewed by staff.
  • Are shot records/immunizations needed?
    • No, Immunizations are on record when you registered as a SPHS student.
  • What documents need to be scanned and uploaded?
    • The physical Exam only. All other AACPS and SPHS paperwork is agreed to and answered throughout the registration process.


  • Where can I find a physical exam document?
    • Under files and links on
  • Do I need to use the MPSSAA document on SevernaParkAthletics?
    • No, but it is Highly Recommended. If you, or your doctor choose to use another document – you must make sure it meets the same criteria (Listed Below)
  • What is the physical exam criteria for approval?
    • A Section on the document stating clearance for activity and/or sports.
    • Signed by a physician after June 1st of the current school year.
    • Stamped from the doctor office
    • Student-Athlete’s legal name on all pages of the documents, matching the registration.  
    • All the above can be found on one page.
  • Pending Clearance
    • Pending clearance will need a second medical clearance note/upload, meeting the request of the Doctor. Handwritten notes on the physical will not be accepted.
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