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FALCONS Athletics

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2 months ago @ 1:22PM

Severna Park mourns the loss of legendary coach, Lil Shelton

Photo by Severna Park Voice

Update: Please see the below link for the service information and obituary page for Coach Lil Shelton.


Former SPHS Field Hockey Coach and teacher Lil Shelton passed away (at age 90) in the comforting presence of her family.  As the SPHS communities know, Coach Shelton was the greatest coach that the sport of field hockey has ever seen, both locally and nationally.  But more importantly, Coach Shelton was amongst the most amazing persons that SPHS had the pleasure to work with; SPHS meant everything to her.   

In remembrance:

Coach Shelton began her career at SPHS as a substitute teacher. When the teacher who Coach Shelton was subbing for decided to take a leave of absence, Coach Shelton was offered the job on the spot.  At first, Coach Shelton was undecided because her family had just moved into the SP area and she had four children at home at that time.  The classes Coach Shelton subbed for begged her to take the job; the SPHS students all promised Coach Shelton they would “go to her house and clean and cook for her,” to help with Coach Shelton’s family.  That was enough to convince Coach Shelton that SPHS was the place for her, so she took the job.  That was the start of an amazing legacy that Coach Shelton created for herself, our Athletics program, our school, and our SPHS community.  She went on to excel both in and out of the classroom, on and off the field. 

Coach Shelton was a pioneer in women’s sports and in SPHS Athletics.  She invented the blueprint for building a field hockey dynasty by creating opportunities for youth camps each summer, grooming the female student athletes into field hockey dynamos.  It was Coach Shelton who knew the power was in starting the girls out young to create a passion and love for the sport.  The best form of flattery is imitation, and that is best exemplified in how all other high school programs try to replicate Coach Shelton’s formula for success.  Her influence is so widespread and is demonstrated even today by the number of her former players who coach at SPHS, at other high schools in the county and state, at the college level, and even in local youth leagues.  Coach Shelton will forever be an icon in women’s sports and in the world of field hockey. 

It was SPHS’s pleasure to be able to cement Coach Shelton’s legacy during our field dedication of Turf II a couple of years ago.  Coach Shelton is a legend in the sport (of field hockey) and has forever made such a huge impact on the lives of so many students, athletes, coaches, parents, and the SP community.

Thoughts and prayers are with Coach Shelton’s family.  At this time, the family is deciding about arrangements (due to the current Covid restrictions).  Please be patient and respectful of the latter.  Thank you for your compassion for Coach Shelton and her family.

Take care.  Stay well. 

Mr. Patrick J. Bathras
Severna Park High School

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